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How To Correctly Redirect Your Website

Free 301 Redirect Checker

301 redirect checker

Your site you may redirect from www. to non www. or vice versa. You may have removed pages that are linked to from external sites. For SEO purposes, you need be sure that you have all your incoming links going to vaild pages. And those redirects need to be 301, not 302, if you want them to pass link equity.

Google and the other search engines view different redirects differently. If you want to keep all of your rankings, you should have a 301 redirect but if you’re only redirecting a page temporarily, a 302 redirect is what you want.

With this 301 Redirect Checker, you check multiple redirects in seconds. You can instantly tell if your redirect is 301, 302, frame, or even if it’s broken. My redirect checker will even test up to 4 levels deep!



Code 200: The page was Reached Successfully. What you ultimately desire.
Code 301: The page was Permanently Redirected. Best for SEO.
Code 302: The page was Temporarily Redirected. Passes no SEO link equity.
Code 404: The page was Not Found. This is an error that must be fixed.


I just did a check on (and you can too) and discovered that:

  1. properly 301 redirects to
  2. 302 redirects to
  3. gets a response code of 200.
  4. That means is a perfect example of success.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your site should have that many responses. For a successful redirect, you should have as few as possible. That being said, the reason that is a success is that first, it takes the site and goes to a www version. That should happen on every single website, in my not so humble opinion. Then they utilize a 302 temporary redirect because they want the SEO link equity to stop at the main site without continuing to the temporary product they’re endorsing. But, they also want their website visitors to continue to the product. Then when you end up at the product page, you get the actual page, which results in a code 200.

**Update: 4/27/15** AppSumo changes their 302 redirect regularly. The pages I talk about here may not be what you see when you check it.